Small Houses

We have completed a wide range of renovations and small houses in city, suburban, and regional areas, and enjoy these projects with small environmental footprints.
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Many of our homes are small projects of 60m2 or less. Some of these projects include units, apartments, granny flats, rooftop extensions, prefab buildings, and tiny homes.

Winery 2 Bud Spur - 2
Winery 2 Bud Spur - 1
South Hobart Extension - 1
South Hobart Roof Deck - 2
South Hobart Tiny Studio - 1
South Hobart Tiny Studio - 2
South Hobart Extension - 2
South Hobart Roof Deck - 1
Lenah Valley House - 3D 1
Strickland Artist Studio - 3D 1
Garden Island Creek House - 3D1
Garden Island Creek House - 2
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