Lenah Valley House

A small affordable suncatcher house fitted to slope and a large existing tree.
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A small affordable home and studio shaped around a tree and sloping site.
Windows on 3 sides of every room trace the path of the sun and moon, and frame the landscape views.

Window walls open to the garden in the summer months, while winter doors close volumes down for the cold seasons.
Internal brick walls and seats trap winter warmth, and recycled timber joinery and tip shop furniture are used throughout.

A library loft houses 12 metres of books and sleeping nooks with sunrise/sunset views.
Long low bookshelves form window seats in every room.
The 3 main rooms are large and flexible to allow for the various functions of sleep/work/play.
A workshop is hidden under the house to make use of the slope and minimise the footprint of the building.
A shipping container studio/gallery is parked in the front yard.
A wood fire is included for the winter solstice, but heating is only needed for 10 days each year.

Completed 2018

Construction by Jakobovski Homes

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