Windermere Hut

An alpine hut for 40 overland track walkers inspired by the wilderness setting.
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  • Bushwalkers overnight hut.
  • Overland Track, Cradle Mountain.
  • Lake St.Clair National Park, Wilderness World Heritage Area.
  • Completed 2022.
  • Super insulated, with triple glazed windows, suitable for climate zone 8.
  • Low embodied energy materials - BAL 29/40.
  • Prefabricated structural panels for floor, walls and roof.
  • Panels placed by helicopter into final position.
  • Awards: 2023 New Construction MBA, Unique Achievement in Construction

Construction by AJR Construct (


"The huts were seriously impressive, and we observed many walkers unexpectedly extending their overnight stays in the huts.
And why not, they were utterly welcoming, functional and to be honest just relaxing.Well done on your designs,
so proud of your interpretation of the area and the overland track in itself".
Janet Ryan, bushwalker

Photography by Chris Crerar

Photos 9+10 by Jordan Davis

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