Cascade Wetlands

A stormwater retention pond installed to improve our back yard habitat.
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This wetland project addresses and rectifies inadequate stormwater disposal from several neighbouring properties in Cascades, in a catchment where the receiving waters (Guy Fawkes Rivulet) are an integral part of an important environmental zone. This zone has already been recognized by Hobart City Council, and is protected by a substantial riparian buffer and development restriction zone.

Hobart City Council completed the stormwater drainage infrastructure from the neighbouring properties, and we have directed this water through vegetated swales into a pond and wetland. Fencing excludes stock from both the wetland and riparian area, allowing the restoration of native vegetation and wildlife habitat.

The project will have a highly beneficial effect on the attenuation of peak storm flows into the rivulet, elimination of concentrated overland flow paths, and in particular the reduction of coarse sediment into the local waterway. Also this water body will benefit the local residential community for bushfire fighting.

Protection of this important natural environment has a sound benefit to the community by addressing several local issues relating to the control and treatment of urban stormwater. Given that Guy Fawkes Rivulet discharges into the Hobart Rivulet, there are obvious downstream benefits to this project.

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Completed 2008

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